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Yes... long time, no post
ravenclaw blue isn't just a color
Ah, I have not yet gotten into the swing of posting here.

I'm more FB oriented, and since I separate my identities pretty completely, LJ has suffered. I still lurk though, and read the posts of both friends and not-yet friends.

My Ravenclaw self is in exile - no library in sight, and limited access to really good coffee (although I rely on a tiny Bialetti stovetop brewer). I am far, far from home - both physically and spiritually. I have been sleeping on the floor on a rubber mat for two months. There are a lot of other things taking my time, and my writing is at a low ebb. Hopefully today I can make myself get one section of my bibliography in shape - tedious work, but it will be good to have it done.

Happy Sunday to all!